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Provocative. Profound. Powerful.

An orchestra has musical instruments each having its own unique sound. In the human psyche, we have archetypes, instead of musical instruments, and each archetype has its own unique role to play in the music of life. Just as a violin will not become a tuba our archetypes always retain their essential essence. Using these archetype cards and this book will help you empower your life and deepen your relationships to yourself and others. The book teaches you about 48 common archetypes and how they play out in your life. Reading the cards will give you profound and unique insights into your inner world, behaviours and patterns – although you should note that these insights are intended to be brutally honest rather than nice.

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Archetype PhoenixPsychicMisfitHomebodyHelperGypsy

Each deck comes with 48 foreground cards, 48 background cards and an 88 page book to teach you how to use the cards.
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