Relationship: How We Can Help


Relationship moves through stages. Susan Campbell, in her book, “THE COUPLE’S JOURNEY: Intimacy as a Path to Wholeness, gives five stages:

    1. The Romance Stage – falling in love where your partner is seen as wondrous
    2. The Power Struggle Stage – falling out of love where you partner is seen as the problem
    3. The Stability Stage – ending the struggle, no longer trying to change your partner
    4. The Commitment Stage – falling back in love in ways that are more mature and grounded
    5. The Co-Creation Stage – building something new, together

Each stage has its ups and downs> However, the Power Struggle is the stage with the most downs. This is where the work of relationship begins and the stage where most couples decide to split.

How We Help You With Relationship

We can help the two of you navigate the tricky waters of the power struggle. The struggle then becomes a way to build a stronger union instead of tearing it apart.