Group Workshops


Radical Acceptance Intensive

A Radical Acceptance Intensive is a weekend-long group therapy experience.  An intensive is small and personal.  Ronna and Christopher facilitate group exercises and each person will have opportunity to experience their individual work within the context of the group.  We will encourage you to go deep and discover aspects of yourself that have blocked you from living life powerfully and freely. Learning comes not only from your own work, but from watching and experiencing other’s work. You will leave with tools to continue your growth and empower your life.


While the activities and themes of intensives vary, the overall flow remains the same (see below).

Regular Intensive

The work of a regular intensive (Mat Work Focus) is to delve deeply into your world of feelings, thoughts and events. We will explore unconscious motivations, blocks, and traumas. By accepting our feelings and thoughts as gifts and as integral and important aspects of who we are, we open the ability to make new and healthier choices. While the work is mostly individual, couples are also welcome at this intensive (see below for info on couples-only intensives.)

A regular intensive has a maximum of 7 people.

Directing Intensive

The work of a directing intensive is to delve deeply into your inner world: your psyche.  We explore archetypes, sub-personalities and the voices that make up the dialogue in your head.

A directing intensive has a maximum of 7 people.

Couples Intensive

We offer support to couples who wish to break down barriers to intimacy and deepen their connection to their partner.  Moving beyond the ‘problems’ couples present and identifying and working with core issues. We give couples real tools to manage the power struggle between them. If you are looking for therapists who will side with you and agree that one of you is “right”, this is not the place for you.  We see all couple issues as a dance between partners.

A couples intensive has a maximum of 6 couples.

Sexual Healing Intensive

The Sexual Healing Intensive focuses on acceptance and claiming your sexuality as your own. From that basis we explore issues of body image, past trauma and some important differences between sexuality and intimacy.

A Sexual Healing Intensive as a maximum of 5 people.


This is the general framework for ALL intensives.

Friday 7pm-10pm | Introduction and Community Building
An introduction to the basic principles of Radical Acceptance.  Community building exercises are led to build a container for you to do your work.

Saturday 8am-10pm | Individual Work
Individual or couple work is facilitated by Ronna and Christopher, with the group fully present throughout the process.

Sunday 8am-2pm (approximate) | Integration
A culmination of the work and group process.  Based on learnings and discoveries made throughout the weekend, a planning session occurs to discuss next steps.

Intensives are held either in our home, or in the home of a participant.  We encourage you to stay the weekend instead of going home, as this helps keep the group connected, and helps keep things on schedule.  Accommodations vary by venue and include some beds, couches, and mats on the floor.

In order to keep the cost of the intensive down, each person will be asked to contribute food for the weekend. All meals are gluten free and vegan, with meat and dairy as options on the side.

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