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Judging Judgement

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Samantha Mansfield


“Acceptance is to experience fully, without judgement.”

In revisiting this principle of Radical Acceptance I thought, “What the heck, Chris and Ronna! Haven’t you been encouraging me to realize how much I judge things/ people/ places/ events…pretty much everything, for years?  This principle sounds like you’re not encouraging judgement at all. What’s that about?”

It turns out, I was missing a step. Radical Acceptance doesn’t encourage lovey-dovey concepts such as never judging anyone ever and living in harmony with everything all the time. Instead, it invites me to take an active role in deciding what to DO with the judgements that arise.

I’ve been experiencing a lot of self-judgement lately. I’m unemployed at the moment; even the word – unemployed – conjures up this stirring beast of venomous criticism, waiting to attack. I’ve had so many delicious judgements; you are poor, you are not contributing to society, you have nothing worthwhile to share. The trouble is, I’ve been living with these judgements of myself without really questioning them, without taking an active role in what to do with the judgements as they arise.  While giving up these judgements may not be possible, by accepting my inner judge, it has less strength and influence over my self-worth and self-esteem.

Although we will never stop making judgements, perhaps we can learn to give them a bit less credence, and aspire to experience our lives and ourselves more fully.

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My New Year’s Resolution: Stay Angry

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Lauren Corindia


The Importance of being Angry

An important piece of Radical Acceptance work I did before 2015 came to an end centred around acknowledging and owning being angry.  Without access to my anger, I have no access to my POWER. This can result in having difficulty setting boundaries and creating direction. I realized that I had been suppressing this power for much of my life.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when I get angry, I go silent.  Silence is now my clue to bring awareness to those moments when I am actually mad.  My goal this year will be to keep noticing those times that I am quietly upset, and instead externalize it, in order to feel my power.