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You don’t have an addictions problem. You have an addictions solution.


You suffered trauma. We start from there to bring healing.

Loss and Grief

We do not offer platitudes. We are here to listen and heal.

Personal Growth

Personal growth matters. Learn to accept all of who you are.


Develop healthy relationships. Discover true intimacy.


Get your job working for you. Restore a home/work balance.

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Recent News

The Irreconcilable Difference

Rosemary Macadam Recently my partner and I had a couples session with Chris and Ronna. My partner and I were struggling with what felt like a core issue.  This issue has been present since the beginning of our relationship causing much conflict and tension. The conflict centres around the amount of time we spend with each other; I need more independent time and my

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Judging Judgement

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Samantha Mansfield “Acceptance is to experience fully, without judgement.” In revisiting this principle of Radical Acceptance I thought, “What the heck, Chris and Ronna! Haven’t you been encouraging me to realize how much I judge things/ people/ places/ events…pretty much everything, for years?  This principle sounds like you’re not encouraging judgement at all. What’s that about?” It turns out, I was missing

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From Self-Criticism to Self-Compassion

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Lauren Corindia Self-Criticism For a long time, self-criticism and I have been the best of friends. Recently, I’ve been inviting more self-compassion into my life.  As self-criticism is the opposite of self-acceptance, and given that it hasn’t motivated me to be the person I want to be, as I believed it would, I thought I would try something different. In her

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What Our Clients Say

Radical Acceptance has helped me move from a place of constant self-criticism and self hate into self-acceptance and self love.


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